For lasting change, you need to really want it

Intention and desire.

It’s a funny one, this.

So many people claim they have the desire to get healthy, lose weight, change their relationship with food, do more exercise (insert health goal here).

But so many people who embark on a new diet, exercise routine or 12-week challenge do so, and then revert right back to where they began.

Why is this?

I encounter the same issue with my nutrition clients.

I create tailored fitness and nutrition plans that are designed to be fully sustainable, always based on real food and balanced movement, positively geared towards helping you achieve the desires you tell me you have.

So I have to admit it can be disappointing when you check in with clients a year or so later and hear that despite months and months of positive change and loving life, they’re back to struggling, feeling disconnected again and unable to see a way forward.

So, what’s changed?

Their desire.


Experts online, an accountability coach, a PT or nutritionist can give you all the tools in their treasure chest.

However, the real lasting change has to include an internal desire to lock health, fitness, vitality and self-care into your identity.

Professionals, doctors, physios and coaches can’t give you the fish.

A good practitioner will instead teach you to fish, so that you can keep reaping the rewards for as long as you want.

And this is the key.

We might teach you to fish, but you are the one or has to stand on the banks of a river, the beach, the lake, sometimes tediously for hours on end making it happen.

If you’re fishing at sea there are likely to be waves you’ll have to ride along the way.

The desire to succeed

To truly succeed at reaching whatever health goal it is that you want to achieve, a key piece is ensuring you have the true desire to feel that change.

It’s that desire that will help you ignore the ice cream in the supermarket.

It’s that desire that will see you doing an hour of meal prep on a Sunday rather than sitting on the couch.

It’s that desire that will get you out for a morning walk/ bike ride/gym session.

Food for thought before next time you embark on a health mission.

The only person who has the power to make true change is you.

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