Twelve weeks of change

This article has been a long time coming and I must admit I am so stoked to be sat here writing it.

In July, Shannon decided she would take on my Body Reset Transformation Programme as a little bit of an ‘‘experiment’’, so to speak.

I wanted more people to know what was possible when they learnt to fuel and move their bodies differently.

The feelings of confidence increase when you regain control of your health from excessively long work hours, family commitments, stationary living and a world that glamourises convenience.

I knew Shannon was an incredible busy lady and so I knew there would be challenges.

The funny thing is that a year ago all my coaching was one on one.

With accountability and mindset playing a huge part in most transformations, I was nervous to simply hand people a programme and offer message support only.

Well, Shannon (and numerous other men and women) since the start of this year have proved what’s possible.

So how does it work?

Consider this a little freebie insider sneak peek into our programmes. I love giving as much information away for free as possible, so take this and do what you can!


We need to work out your ‘‘why’’. Rarely is it ever what you think. To be ‘‘skinnier’’?

Hmmm, really?

To want the anxiety around your body to stop — better.

You’re stressed all the time, you want to lose your chronic pain and have the ability to play with your grandchildren in 20 years’ time — there we go!

As humans, we have layers.

Our fear of change lies in a fear of failure, because we’ve failed before.

Our biggest fears are often hiding deep in one of these layers, as is the gold — the reasons we truly want to make a change.

As Shannon highlights, as lifestyle change progresses, it’s also about reframing. You don’t ‘‘fall off the wagon’’ and catastrophise. Changing your language, being kinder to yourself and simply recharting your course with your next decision is all you need to do.

Repeat this action and you build confidence.


Willpower is a myth. You win by making things easier. Changing our environment is all about making it easier. Shannon learned this early on: a weekly food shop and meal prep. Half a day of input for a week of stressfree, thought-free food! She didn’t lose over 10kg because of willpower. It’s because she made it easier for herself. It was not about depriving herself, but rather making the healthy choice the easy choice.


Shannon’s lunchtime go-to was a trip to the shop to get a sandwich and liquorice. With prepped meals this habit was broken, without having to think twice. With more time, a lunchtime walk started to happen. It’s evolution not revolution. One habit at a time. Change one thing a week. That’s 52 changes in a year.


Simply moving more — although she’s loved it in the past, Shannon didn’t suddenly hit the gym. She simply walked more.

Her cardiovascular fitness has seriously improved. Plus, 80% of our fat is burnt through breathing. For most people, simply upping your steps is all the change you need.


This is a biggie. Increasing Shannon’s protein was the main component of change. After I explained how many teaspoons of sugar (equivalent in glucose) she was eating per day, this was an easy change to make (about 45tsp/day — which is very normal in today’s society).

The problem is, your body can’t dip into its own body fat if it has excess glucose, which has to be burnt first. Even better than 10kg of fat loss — without glucose causing dramatic glucose spikes and processed food causing inflammation, her pain went away. And migraines stopped. Wow.

Yes, Shannon has reclaimed her feelings of control over her life, grown her confidence and transformed her body. But what price can you put on overcoming years of chronic pain? I would say a big one. A huge thanks to Shannon for being brave enough to take on the transformation of a lifetime! You have absolutely helped prove exactly what’s possible. I am so incredibly proud.

Shannon did the 12-week Body Reset Transformation Programme: a ‘‘done for you’’ programme, with weekly meal and movement planners, a recipe book and with message support for the duration. Visit to find out more. Bite-size guides start from just $69 and programmes from $395.

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