Old Cromwell Incorporated board member Katie Seymour welcomes visitors to the McNulty House Community Open Day on Sunday.

The group, which oversees the Cromwell Heritage Precinct, opened the historic house on Saturday and Sunday of Labour Weekend to allow the public to view the refurbished building.

Board chairwoman Helen Scoles said the house was built in the late 1800s and was owned by a series of families. It was used as a family home, a nursing and maternity home and incorporated a doctor’s surgery at one time, and the adjacent area, which is now a car park, was once part of McNulty’s transport yard.

The home was refurbished and opened as an event venue by Old Cromwell, with any profit going back to the incorporated society and registered trust. The venue is also available to charitable groups such as the Returned & Services Association free of charge. Mrs Scoles said the house is used about once a week on average.

Admission was $5 a person, which on Saturday included a sausage sizzle courtesy of Bayleys Cromwell.