Healthy eating . .. Cromwell-based food and nutrition coach Amy Ede. PHOTO: BRAND STORIES

This month, we address your most pressing health and nutrition questions in this concise article. Let’s dive in!

Why you can’t lose fat

Many struggle with fat loss despite trying various diets and exercises. The primary reason is often consuming carbohydrates, which need to be burned before tapping into fat stores. Carbohydrates turn into glucose, and if not used for muscle glycogen replenishment, they convert to insulin, leading to fat storage.

Counting carbohydrates or sugar?

Focus on monitoring carbohydrate intake rather than just sugar. Carbohydrates and sugar are processed similarly in the body. Check the percentage of carbohydrates in food items and pay attention to portion sizes.

Intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting can be effective if approached with balance. Refrain from eating between 7pm and 9 or 10am, and break the fast with a protein and fat-rich breakfast to sustain fat burning throughout the day.

Milk and yoghurt

Consider the impact of milk choices on your health. Nut milks are suitable alternatives for those with dairy intolerance but are highly processed. Whole cow’s milk is a balanced option. Be cautious of oat milk’s high carbohydrate content and added sugars.

Food budgets

While healthier options can be expensive, prioritise nutrient-dense, unprocessed foods. Affordable alternatives such as slowcooked beef bones or preparing meat at home can optimise health without compromising the budget.

Dessert, pizza, donuts, fries

Indulge in treats occasionally without guilt, but understand their impact. Grains in pizza can cause temporary water retention. Listen to your body for any digestive issues. Enjoy these treats in a relaxed setting to aid digestion and fat metabolism.

Remember, healthy choices can start with the next meal. Prioritise nutrient-dense foods and adopt a balanced approach to intermittent fasting, milk choices and food budgets. When indulging in delicious desserts, savour them in a relaxed environment.