Poetry is popping up around Alexandra thanks to a group fuelled by champagne and finger food.

Poetry Party founding member Ray Wright said to celebrate National Poetry Day on Friday the group had distributed poetry cards to businesses in Alexandra who displayed them where they wanted. Some were stuck on windows, others were integrated into store displays.

Central Otago was home to many poets, from the famous like Michael Harlow, Brian Turner and Jillian Sullivan, to enthusiasts who enjoyed sharing their love of the form.

Dubbed the Poetry Party thanks to the presence of two bottles of champagne and lots of finger food at each gathering, the group was informal, meeting in members’ homes, which kept the numbers small, Mr Wright said.

However, they liked to get involved in community events and had been behind several book launches including Harlow’s Renoir’s Bicycle last year.

The group would be installing a poetry exhibition at Central Stories Museum and Gallery, in Centennial Ave, on Friday, he said.