This Saturday, Central Motor Speedway will host a local take on the classic Australian Bathurst endurance race.

It was a fun way to encourage new drivers to give speedway racing a go, Central Motor Speedway president Andy Erskine said.

‘‘Our very first Bathurst race was held in 2008. It was started by Cromwell’s Buchanan family as a school project, and proved so popular it’s now a permanent feature on the speedway calendar.’’

Cromwell’s Vikki Kircher said entering the event first got her hooked on the sport.

‘‘You get to feel the adrenaline of racing.’’

Kircher said Bathurst was about having fun and giving racing a go. All that was needed was a team, a car and a day licence.

‘‘I just love the support you get, the camaraderie and the fun you have together through the day.’’