Queenstown-Lakes District Mayor Glyn Lewers.

I think we can all agree it’s been a pretty tough and full-on few weeks!

The political rhetoric has been ramping up ahead of the national election with promises flying (literally) left, right and centre!

It’s an important time for us all to consider what we want for the future of Aotearoa New Zealand and what our personal voting choices mean for us as a district, a community and for our own whanau.

Participating in the vote should be something everyone eligible takes the time to do and I encourage you all to take time to get familiar with policies to make an informed choice with your tick on voting day.

Closer to home the recovery work is continuing following the September rain event and subsequent flooding and landslides in Brecon Street and Reavers Lane here in Queenstown.

Firstly, I would like to acknowledge everyone who has been personally affected by or involved in these events.

Whether you had to evacuate on the night, had to temporarily close your business, or were affected by the landslide into the cemetery, out thoughts are with you.

And to those who stood up on the night as part of the emergency response or have provided support since, a huge thank you for your efforts, your commitment and dedication.

Council continues to work with all parties to resolve the remaining issues as quickly as possible.

Alongside that, Queenstown and Frankton have been grappling with the boil water notice issued on Monday, September 18 due to cases of cryptosporidiosis being reported by Te Whatu Ora.

As many of you will know, Council has been successful in isolating the Kelvin Heights drinking water supply distribution zone and with approval from water regulator Taumata Arowai the boil water notice was lifted on Thursday, October 5. On the flipside of that, Te Whatu Ora’s recent statement (while not being able to confirm for certain) has indicated its modelling points toward the source being the water supply into the Two Mile distribution zone.

The boil water notice has been effective in responding to that but now it’s in the community, the risk still exists of person-to-person transfer or getting back into the water supply network.

So, the boil water notice does need to remain in place for central Queenstown, Queenstown Hill, Frankton Road and suburbs on the hill above Frankton Road out to and including Goldridge Way and Goldrush Way, Fernhill and Sunshine Bay.

As recently advised, Council is working towards implementing the necessary UV treatment to provide the effective barrier against cryptosporidium and lift the remaining boil water notice by December 8.

Until then, as frustrating as it feels, please keep boiling water before you drink it, give it to pets, brush your teeth, make baby formula or wash fruit and veges.

Stay away from spa pools or swimming pools if you are or have recently shown any signs of crypto.

And perhaps most importantly to avoid any secondary transmission and potentially spreading it further afield – practise good hand hygiene.

Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds after going to the toilet, before eating or cooking, after handling any animals, and especially when caring for someone with diarrhoea.

You can find advice around what to do during the boil water notice on the Council’s website (qldc.govt.nz/crypto). Thank you for your patience and for playing your part to minimise any further spread of crypto.