Over the weekend in Alexandra and the wider region we saw the power of events, particularly in terms of bringing visitors to a destination.

The blossom festival and the associated events that ran off that weekend were a huge success.

Everyone had a smile on their face, sun was out, communities came together, and eftpos machines were humming.

There can be no argument events bring a significant economic boost to the host region, and in the case of large events such as the Alexandra Blossom Festival, those benefits extend to other parts of the region visitors travel through or stay in.

But what else do events achieve?

After all, it is agreed it is no longer appropriate to look at any investment solely in economic terms for their benefit.

Events build pride and a sense of connection within the local host community.

How cool is it for the community of Alexandra and surrounds, to every year have the chance to show off one of the many reasons it is such a special place in Aotearoa?

Events build up a brand, or support the destination brand work that is already under way.

Dunedin has built upon its fun and edgy brand by doing some different activations around major events hosted at Forsyth Barr Stadium.

Events can inspire others to get involved and be more active.

I only need to look at my 5-year-son, who last year was inspired by the Crankworx Summer Series to get into BMX.

We now plan our summer around BMX race meets, and are at the Cromwell track four or five times a week.

I am more active because of his passion that stemmed from watching the Summer Series.

Events can show pathways for sports that don’t get the same level of exposure as mainstream sporting codes.

Last year’s Crankworx Summer Series saw locals racing against some of the best athletes in the world, and crushing it.

Bradley Harris winning was epic, and the performances of local young people such as Hayley Harris and Eddie Adams were outstanding.

They got to mix it and prove their ability against a world-class field, showing themselves and others there is a pathway to being a professional athlete for our local youth in sports that aren’t mainstream.

Events bring plenty more value, but I’ve run out of words this week.

Congratulations to anyone who has put on an event in recent times.

The commitment of our communities is what makes these events such a success, bringing even more vibrancy to our ‘‘World of Difference’’.