Acronyms have taken on a new life with the internet.

Before Tim Berners-Lee first proposed the idea of a ‘‘web of information’’ in 1989 acronyms such as Lol, OMG, FWIW would have raised a response of IDK!

Acronyms are often bandied about by special interest groups.

They reign supreme in education circles.

During my working life I was often hit with an unfamiliar acronym.

Rather than confess I had no idea what it meant and confirm my ignorance I would nod knowingly and make haste to Google its meaning.

To save you Googling I’d like to let you know about a great local ‘‘good news’’ education story which is disguised under the acronym Coreap.

Central Otago Rural Education Activities Programme is based at Alexandra Community House and I have the privilege of sitting on its governance board.

Coreap’s mission is ‘‘to facilitate opportunities for personal and community growth through life-long learning’’.

In early childhood and schools Coreap’s two earlyyears support facilitators offer support and guidance to rural parent-led playgroups and playcentres. Pepi groups provide weekly educational sessions in a safe and nurturing environment, providing a support network for new parents.

In schools, Coreap provides a number of support programmes including the Star gifted and talented programme, Enviroschools and programmes to support teacher professional learning and in-school sessions in te reo and kapa haka.

In response to the Covidrelated rise in pupil anxiety, Coreap successfully gained funding for a counsellor in schools and provided professional learning for teachers and resources to support children through times of uncertainty and change.

The well-established seasons for growth programme provides small-group support in schools for children experiencing grief, loss or change.

Adult and community education programmes include ‘‘Choices’’ which provides opportunities to develop literacy, numeracy, workplace, study, personal development and communication skills.

The Drive my Life driver education programme has cars and volunteer mentors at present providing 117 learners with support to get their licence in Alexandra, Ranfurly and Cromwell.

Our English as a second language programme is experiencing growth and a life skills programme including budget cooking, budgeting, vegetable gardening, sewing and first aid is provided for Department of Corrections clients.

Other programmes include digital programmes for our older residents, te reo Ma ¯ori and sign language courses, harakeke weaving and composting courses.

Coreap is one of 13 such member organisations of Reap Aotearoa which provides outstanding service to our rural and isolated communities.

Now if you are asked what is Coreap you don’t need to respond with IDK !