Campers can be sure of a welcome at Bannockburn for the next five years, much to the relief of the camp manager.

Cairnmuir Motor Camp manager and lessee Martine McDowell said she and husband Steve had let their landlord know they planned to take up the option of renewing their lease for a further five years.

‘‘It’s nice to know the decision is made.’’

A change in camp ownership had created some uncertainty during the past year as several options for the future were presented to the couple.

There were about 30 permanent residents at the camp, some of whom were retired.

It was likely some of them would struggle to find other accommodation in the area.

Additionally, there were many ‘‘repeat offenders’’ — families who regularly camped there for the summer.

The McDowells’ connection with Cairnmuir extended over decades.

They camped there with their children initially before taking on the lease in 2007.

For the first two years they had managers run the camp before moving there to run it themselves.

Worrying about the permanent camp residents and future holiday opportunities for families who had camped at Cairnmuir before had kept Mrs McDowell awake at night.

‘‘I definitely lie in bed at night and think of the kids my kids grew up with that might not be able to come here.’’

The regulars were like extended family.

Mt Edward Winery general manager Duncan Forsyth confirmed last month they had bought the land but had not firmed up plans for the site.

Half the site was an open piece of land alongside the camping ground.

A resource consent was granted by the Central Otago District Council hearings panel last month for the winery to run temporary summer wine tasting and food outlets.

The 7.43ha property was sold for $3.25 million in November 2021.