A hotly contested volleyball competition has brought more than just fun and fitness to some of Cromwell’s seasonal workers — it has created a sense of community.

Hosted by Cromwell College, the weekly competition has seen five teams of Recognised Seasonal Employer (RSE) scheme workers from various workplaces take to the court, battling it out against teams from the college and the community.

Viticultura pastoral support co-ordinator Jo Ennion said the vineyard management company entered a team last year and was encouraged to do so again.

‘‘One of our [RSE team leaders] said it would be really cool to get teams of other RSE workers,’’ Mrs Ennion said.

‘‘It’s fun and it gets them mixing up in the community. It’s just a fun thing to do on a Friday night, and just mixing up with the local kids is great.

‘‘We’re really grateful to the college kids because they’re reffing and running the games,’’ she said.

Viticultura RSE worker Joel Boe, of Vanuatu, has returned to Cromwell for his ninth season and said it was ‘‘amazing’’ to be mixing with workers from other orchards — getting to play volleyball was a bonus.

‘‘It’s my favourite sport,’’ he said.

‘‘I get to make new friends, and catch up with friends.’’