Two submitters made presentations to the Cromwell Community Board meeting on the 2023-24 annual plan consultation document relating to the Cromwell ward.

Gordon Stewart asked the board to consider several items in his submissions.

Firstly he asked the board to consider sealing the remaining 600m of Sandflat Rd. It was a popular thoroughfare linking orchards, wineries and cycle trails with Bannockburn and Highlands International Motorsport Park.

He also requested more signage on cycle trails and renaming one which linked Lynns Lane and Schoolhouse Rd.

Mr Stewart’s final submission regarded the council racecourse reserve land, which he said was managed by the Central Lakes Equestrian Club for the council. The club had spent $35,000 on a bore onthe site for an irrigation system. The club wanted a contribution from the Central Otago District Council for an automatic irrigation scheme. The reserve was 90ha and had a water allocation for only 6ha.

Board chairwoman Anna Harrison said it was a complex issue.

Mr Stewart said it was quite straightforward. The club wanted an interest-free loan over 10-15 years to install the irrigation system.

The staff response in the agenda to Mr Stewart’s submission said the board would receive a report at its June meeting onfindings from meetings between the council and the club.

David George presented two submissions. His first was to shift the flag pole at Lowburn Hall and add two new ones for the Australian and Turkish flags to be raised on Anzac Day.

His second submission covered his concerns about the relationship between the Cromwell heritage precinct and the new Cromwell museum. Plans for the new museum included a cafe and theatre space.

Mr George said he thought the proximity to the heritage precinct, which had several cafes, and the former Arthur’s Cinema, would result in needless duplication.