Census data to aid council decisions

Millions of people throughout the country will be filling out the Census next week, providing high value data about themselves and their lives.

Data gathered in the Census of Population and Dwellings will be used to inform the government’s and councils’ spending in communities and throughout New Zealand.

A statement from the Census website said completing the Census gave authorities a better picture of community needs.

Decisions such as education funding, infrastructure planning and electorate boundaries were informed by Census data, the statement said.

A Queenstown Lakes District Council (QLDC) spokesperson said the Census data was used widely within council.

‘‘It allows council to know the precise makeup of our communities and how that is changing over time.’’

This information was used by the council to advocate on behalf of communities, the spokesperson said.

Data from the Census was used in council growth projections.

It was also used in QLDC projects such as the Joint Housing Action Plan, Queenstown Lakes Spatial Plan and the Wellbeing Strategy.

The 2023 Census will be the first to collect data about sexuality, gender, and variations of sex characteristics.

Census day is next Tuesday.

Central Otago Libraries are an assisted completion location for the Census. Staff there can support people filling out their Census, answer questions and provide devices and internet access.