Pet parades, bouncy castles, preserves, veges and stock on display — the A&P Show must be in town.

A staple on the rural calendar, A&P shows bring the country to town and the Mt Benger A&P Show on Saturday was no different.

Almost 1500 people went through the gates of the Roxburgh Racecourse for the annual Teviot Valley celebration.

Equestrian, rural trades and wares, stock judging all featured, the big dig entertained both young and old but it was international rally car driver Hayden Paddon who stole the show.

Long time Mt Benger A&P Society committee member and the day’s commentator Mark Reid said A&P shows were a ‘‘Kiwi icon’’.

‘‘The A&P show is basically to bring the country to town; to show townspeople how an egg is made — it’s not made in a factory — how milk is produced and also produce that you eat. Basically everything you get in a supermarket, you come here and see how it is made.’’

The committee put a big focus on families, investing in activities that would appeal to children as a way to protect the longevity of the show, Mr Reid said.

‘‘If the kids have a really good day, they’ll bring their kids so it’s future-proofing the A&P show — you’ve got to make sure the kids go away full of sugar and having a good time.’’

Upgrades made by the A&P Society to racecourse facilities in conjunction with the Roxburgh Trotting Club prior to the event included a new shed used as the events new pavilion, and improvements to the equestrian area made a much better experience for people, Mr Reid said.