Competing needs for finite funds caused some angst at the Vincent Community Board meeting last week.

The board had two types of funding to distribute — community grants and promotion grants.

Applications can be made twice a year, usually in July and March.

In July five applications were received for community grants and three for promotions. Annually the board has $120,000 to distribute for community grants and $41,760 for promotions.

Community grant applications were received from the Alexandra District Museum (ADMI), $167,000 for employment and operational expenses, Alexandra and Districts Youth Trust$13,000 towards rental costs, Alexandra and District Pipe Band, $3000 for hall hire, Dunstan Kahui Ako, $2660 to transport children to an arts festival and Upcycles, $2532.61 to set up a hub.

Alexandra District Museum Inc board member Andy Davey said in the past year, the operational manager’s role had been expanded to fulltime and he had been appointed as a contract administrator looking after accounts, funding applications and data projects.

He had a suggestion to reduce costs at the Central Stories Museum and Art Gallery building.

Energy costs were about $10,000 a year, he said.

The lease agreement says the Central Otago District Council will change the lighting in the building to LED to reduce energy costs.

‘‘I’d like to suggest we can take that project a little bit further and install solar [panels] on our roof,’’ Mr Davey said.

Dunstan Kahui Ako leader Tracy Richmond said they were asking the board for $2660 to transport pupils from the Kahui Ako to a festival of the arts in Alexandra.

Nine schools and eight preschools worked collaboratively in the Kahui Ako, she said.

In October and November they are holding a festival of the arts which will include a visual art exhibition, performance art and workshops. They want funding for transport to the display for children in the Vincent ward.

Board member Jayden Cromb, having been assured it was not part of the core curriculum, explained to the board that most schools in the area were part of the government donation scheme which meant they could not ask parents to pay for events unless they were away overnight.

Board chairwoman Tamar Alley said it would be great for the Clyde School pupils to bike to Alexandra for the festival.

Ultimately the board allocated $82,000 to the ADMI — the same as it received last year, $6000 to the Alexandra Youth Trust, $3000 to the Alexandra Pipe Band and $1710 to the Dunstan Kahui Ako.

Upcycles was granted $1000, contingent on it being granted charitable trust status.

Promotions grants were made to the Prospector MTB race 2024 ($5500) and the Central Otago A&P Show ($1750) for free children’s entertainment.

An application from the Alexandra Musical Society for $5653 for advertising and royalties was rejected as it was considered retrospective given the show would be staged within weeks.

CODC media and marketing manager Alison Mason urged groups to make applications for funding well before it was needed.