The final stage of Cromwell Community Board’s $7.38 million Gair Ave development has been approved by a majority of board members, with councillors Nigel McKinlay and Cheryl Laws voting against the project.

The board considered reports, designs, concepts, funding and infrastructure with public excluded at the board’s August 2 meeting.

The final block of the long-term Gair Ave development will deliver a range of housing types, including more affordable options.

The board formed a joint venture with a developer in 2017 to develop 78 sections, but will develop the final block of the project on its own.

The final block of the development has been broken into five stages, with the first stage costing just over $1.5 million.

Boffa Miskell will provide urban design and input, including laneways, streetscapes and public open spaces, as well as concept designs for housing at a cost estimated at $370,000.

Eliot Sinclair will provide the engineering subdivision design for stage one.

Real estate agents will be invited to propose their marketing and sales services.

There will be a test of the market, with an offer of some pre-sales.

The board has agreed to address Central Otago District Council affordable housing survey outcomes.

It has set aside $200,000 to fund design concepts for different housing types, including semi-detached and terrace housing on small building footprints.

Cromwell Community Board chairwoman Anna Harrison said it was exciting to reach the final stage.

“This project gives a range of options for housing to help solve a residential housing shortage in the district and that is a positive step,” she said. Stage 1 construction should begin in August 2023. Titles are scheduled to be issued in the first six months of 2024. Once designs have been completed, the council will invite real estate tenders. The development should be completed about 2027.

More details are on the council’s website.