The Cromwell Pool is set to close next week — three weeks after it reopened.

The pool had previously been closed for three months while the LPG boiler used for heating was replaced with a water-sourced heating pump system.

A shutdown is scheduled from Monday until about Thursday.

Central Otago District Council Parks and Recreation Manager Gordon Bailey said while it was not news people wanted to hear, a brief closure to completely finish the heat pump’s operating system was always on the cards due to the Covid-related difficulty of getting equipment into the country.

‘‘We were able to open knowing we still had a bit of work to do, and this period has enabled the project engineers to commission the complex systems that are behind the scenes that allow the pool to operate.

‘‘The electronic monitoring systems had not arrived in time for the opening because of international supply chain issues, but we wanted to be open for the school holidays, not only because we knew people had been missing their pool, but to give the engineers a chance to determine what was needed to complete the work.’’

If work progresses better than expected, the pool may be able to open sooner, Mr Bailey said.

He apologised for the inconvenience to pool users. However supply issues were out of council’s control, he said.

Vouchers would be issued for missed swim school classes and all memberships will be put on hold for the three days of closure.