A $50,000 grant has been approved for the Teviot District Museum to assist the purchase and fit-out of the Masonic Lodge in Roxburgh.

The building has been planned to showcase historic collections from across the Teviot District.

Teviot District Museum secretary Barbara Fraser said the $50,000 grant from the Otago Community Trust contributed to its funding target.

‘‘The current museum, a small stone building tucked away on Abbotsford St, has had difficulty functioning effectively in terms of developing and promoting collections and activities,’’ she said.

Upgrades to the existing museum will be required as it has no running water or toilets.

Ms Fraser said because of this, it had been difficult for volunteers to effectively work in the museum or to have the doors open to the public for any great length of time

Otago Community Trust chair Diccon Sim noted that Otago Community Trust was very pleased tobe supporting the important heritage project for the Teviot community.

‘‘We expect the people of the Teviot Valley area to be delighted to have their local museumcollections on the main street of Roxburgh and in a building better suited for research, display and promotion’’, Mr Sim said.

Otago Community Trust approved a total of $506,412 to 26 organisations in August 2022.