The Cromwell Town & Country Club 2023 Truck and Classic Car Show is revving up to showcase some of the best trucks and classic cars on our roads.

Local driver Brett Tomkies will be there on November 25 when trucks of all sizes, types and ages, plus amazing classic cars, take centre stage at Central Motor Speedway

Mr Tomkies’ journey in the transport industry began about 30 years ago, navigating the roads as both owner and contract driver.

Reflecting on his career behind the wheel, he said he had seen it all, from the early days of long hours and adventure to today’s era of innovation and change.

The long hours had given way to a remarkable evolution in truck technology, ensuring the industry continued to attract new people.

‘‘Trucks have changed for the better,’’ he said.

‘‘The old trucks, you’d drive all day then work all night to keep them going for the next day.

‘‘There’s better technology now, improved emissions. They’re reliable and much more comfortable to drive.

‘‘You’ve got trucks that will do a million ks and you don’t have to throw a crescent on them. It’s incredible.

‘‘Technology will make it even better for the next generation of drivers.’’

Mr Tomkies made the move to McNulty Transport about 20 years ago, driving short-haul.

The roots of the McNulty business run deep in the community, spanning generations back to the 1800s, he said.

‘‘It’s great. Brian and Jan (McNulty) are brilliant, familyorientated bosses. ‘‘It makes the job really satisfying. You’re not just a number.

‘‘They’re also hands-on. It’s quite humbling and I’m proud to be part of the business,’’ he said.

Mr Tomkies was looking forward to the fast-approaching truck show.

‘‘We need transport, we need trucks, we’re doing something important. ‘‘People will get to see our trucks up close, see them at their best,’’ he said.

‘‘And our trucks are something we’re really proud of. It’s a good career, and it’s for anyone,’’ Mr Tomkies said.

‘‘There’s just something about being out there. You meet great people, explore the country, and every day, every drive is different.’’