An Alexandra ballet teacher’s quick thinking on her feet ensured her pupils’ hard work could still be celebrated recently after a venue was unavailable.

When Cassidy School of Dance principal Marilyn Cassidy found the annual Alexandra ballet competitions were cancelled because their usual venue — Memorial Hall, in Skird St — was out of commission due to an upgrade, logic dictated moving the event to the Clyde Memorial Hall.

However, that hall was about to be renovated and was going to be closed for several months.

Although the competitions were cancelled, a determined Mrs Cassidy, who has been teaching for 65 years, decreed her pupils would have a chance to show off what they had prepared for their competitions anyway.

Therefore she decided to hold the Cassidy Dance Fantasia Concert the day before the Clyde Memorial Hall closed for the work to begin.

Her tenacity was driven in part by the children who had learned their dances and practised for the competitions so it was important they had the chance to perform, Mrs Cassidy said.

From tickets sales and selling videos of the concert, the eight dancers raised $800, which they donated to Hato Hone St John in Alexandra. St John Central Otago community engagement officer Sandra Skinner said the donation was a real bonus.

The Alexandra station needed roof repairs and the girls’ efforts really helped, she said.