Concern at lack of workers mounts

  The Ministry of Social Development (MSD) says it is working to recruit workers to the horticulture and viticulture sectors, amid allegations of little movement...

Aurora lines charges irk mayor, customers

Central Otago residents will bear the brunt of Aurora Energy’s proposed price rises and that does not sit comfortably with the mayor. Some face power...

Hoping for a plan change

Developers are hoping the Central Otago District Council will decide an urgent need for retirement homes is enough to make a change to rural...


Hui makes a splash with pupils

Not only did ducklings have the cute factor while floating close to the shore of the Clutha River recently — they also had impeccable...

CODC to manage heritage

The Central Otago District Council is looking to take a greater role in the district’s museums and heritage sectors and that includes Central Stories...
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