Final ruling made in Lindis River flow row

Years of legal to-ing and fro-ing over an Otago river has come to an end and is a victory for both farmers and the...

Vaccine pass for pools, libraries

Council run pools, libraries and and iSites in Central Otago will require a vaccine passport for everyone aged 12 and over from tomorrow. That is...

Hospitality sector facing new challenges with revellers

Wanaka's hospitality sector could face challenges handling New Year revellers after the cancellation of official events and the added complication of managing vaccination passes. The...


Remembrances made

For those who have lost family members and friends, Christmas can be a particularly painful time; a supposed time of celebration a reminder of...

Play sinks teeth into Dracula tale

Just what it the truth about Dracula? Was he really an excessively frightening vampire or some sort of cross-dressing, bumbling fool? An Otago-based performance company,...
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