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Advice for keeping healthy travelling

Health On Tour

This article is coming to you from the heart of London (after a whirlwind trip through Greece, Italy and Spain). Tonight we take on the 30-hour flight back to Central Otago 5degC.

We’re feeling incredibly lucky, but it’s been a reminder that it’s not always easy to stay healthy while travelling.

So here are a few tips to take with you on your next adventure – for either work or leisure.

Staying healthy while travelling can be tough.

Whether it’s driving to Christchurch and back, hopping on a plane to another city regularly, lounging on a beach in Fiji or travelling further afield and visiting the home of pizza.

I’m not a regular pizza eater but Naples is a part of the world I will always come back to.

And when in Rome – or in this case the Amalfi Coast – it’d be rude not to.

So, here are a few ways I try to balance the indulgence of travel, whether that be for work or pleasure.

Move in the morning

Whether you have had a long day travelling, have jet lag, or have had a few too many of the local vinos the night before, we don’t always feel like we can keep up our normal exercise routine on holiday.

That being said, moving in the morning always makes me feel better when I travel.

I am not suggesting marathon training, but getting out in your local neighbourhood for a walk, getting sunlight in your eyes is amazing for your mood and energy levels.

Whether it be Mount Eden or Mount Etna, it’s worth it and sets you up for the day.

Look at your windows

Not the glass kind.

Often travel and particularly holiday can mean eating later at night than we usually would.

If you’ve finished a long work day, or enjoyed a three-course feast that finished at midnight, a simple hack to ensure you don’t feel stuffed and lethargic the following day is adjusting your eating window accordingly.

I usually eat dinner at 6 or 7pm and breakfast at 8 or 9am – that’s a 14-15 hour window of fasting (not eating).

This often happens without thinking about it, but if you don’t finish dinner until 9pm, it’s worth considering pushing back your first meal of the next day until later.

This ensures your gut gets a good break and your energy levels remain intact as you’re not constantly digesting your latest meal.

The order of the day

Whether you’ve got a big work dinner or you’re out in a restaurant with friends and family and know there are three courses ahead, you can actually hack how your body processes the food you eat by focusing on the order. The French were on to something with crudites – start your meal with vegies or salad, filled with fibre.

Then move on to protein and fats (meat, fish, eggs, olive oil etc).

Then (if you’re still hungry) dig into whatever carbohydrates might be flown your way by the local menu.

Eating dessert or a portion of fries (after the rest of your meal) spikes your blood sugar considerably less and helps manage your insulin response.

Happy Travelling. Will you give these tricks a go next time you’re away?

Let me know with a message to @amysfitnessandnutrition on Facebook or Instagram, or text to 027265-0350.