A word from Sanchia Jacobs, Central Otago District Council chief executive


Your chance to make a real difference

This year’s local government election may well be the most important in a generation.

As councils around the country navigate era-change reform (think Three Waters, resource management, civil defence and a review of the sector itself), we are also responding to Covid-19, continuing to deliver great service, and doing our darndest to keep up with unprecedented growth by developing fit-for-future spatial plans and creating amazing places and spaces.

It is fair to say that there is a lot to do.

Being a councillor or community board member is a hugely rewarding (albeit sometimes demanding and often thankless) task.

It provides a unique chance to make a positive difference for the community you live in today and for the future.

It provides an opportunity to speak on behalf of individuals and organisations in your community, to act in their best interests, and make decisions that will impact future generations.

Being an elected member is about fostering a culture of community inclusion and belonging, making sure community voices are heard.

You will see the tangible results of that work, your decisions in action.

To successfully navigate such a dynamic and demanding environment, Central Otago District Council will be best served by elected members from a broad range of backgrounds to make decisions about the way this district works today and for the future and who are fully engaged in collectively delivering great outcomes for the district.

If you are interested in running for a community board or councillor role in this year’s election, or if you know someone who would be great, I would encourage you to start to talk about it.

If you want to find out more, check out votelocal.co.nz, tune into some of our meetings (they are publicly advertised and on our website), or pop into the library and sit down to browse through a year of agendas so you can see the kind of topics you’ll need to make decisions on, and get a true sense of the volume of work required.

And if you’d like to chat, I am happy to meet with anyone who is considering running to talk about the realities of taking on the challenge.