Blocked . . . This blocked pump shows what happens when wipes and other non-flushables get into the wastewater system, causing major problems. PHOTO: CENTRAL OTAGO DISTRICT COUNCIL

The Central Otago District Council is warning about putting the right things into the bowl.

The council said, in a release, its wastewater pump stations could get blocked by all manner of things — wipes, sanitary products and nappies.

But over the past month the council’s water team in Alexandra discovered the system blocked by a pair of size six underpants — not once but twice.

‘‘Although we can all have a laugh, it’s no joke,’’ Central Otago District Council’s water services operations leader Duncan McInnes said.

‘‘Blockages cost time and ratepayer money — and they’re a hassle for everyone.’’

The council’s wastewater operators said 90% of the blockages at the Eureka pump station were caused by clothing of some description, and more often than not, it was underwear.

The underpants incidents are a good reminder to make sure people are following the rule of the three Ps: pee, poo, and paper — toilet paper that is — are the only things that should be flushed down the toilet.

‘‘It’s also a reminder to keep fats and oils out of your kitchen drain.

‘‘They can also wreak havoc with the wastewater system. Help us maintain a reliable wastewater system and protect the environment from potential wastewater overflows.”