A SuperValue supermarket has been confirmed for Lake Hawea’s “local shopping centre” zone on the corner of Capell Ave and Parry Cres.

Project H Ltd spokesman Ray Macleod confirmed on Monday he was delighted non-notified resource consent had been granted for a 450sqm commercial building.

SuperValue is the anchor tenant and there would be 23 car parks.

Builders had been engaged and construction would begin once final design details had been worked through, aiming to complete the store in July or August 2023, he said.

“Basically, what we asked for, we got”, he said.

“I think we are really, really fortunate that we had a really good design team and planning team. They worked together really well and worked really well with the council .. For the pressure they are working under, they have done pretty well,” Mr Macleod said.

There would be room in the two-storey building for three commercial tenancies, but no tenants have lined up yet. The space would now be advertised.

He said it would still take 12months to complete, and they “have had to allow for a time extension because of supply issues”.

“Although there is nothing particularly exotic about the commercial building in the sense we are not looking for designer vanity, top-of-the-range items design .. We may find supply times improve as we open our borders and shipping schedules become more regular .. It is hard to say. But it has taken a long [time] to get to this point.”

The SuperValue brand is part of the Woolworths group.

Super Value . . . Project H spokesman Ray Macleod says there is nothing particularly exotic about the consented Super Value supermarket development, but he delighted with the efforts of designers and planners. PHOTO: ARCHITECHTURAL IMAGE

Project H Ltd and Woolworths SuperValue are now working together on building consent drawings and they would be released later, Mr Macleod said.

There is already a store on the corner: the Hawea Store and Kitchen, operated by Hamish and Erica Mackay.

Project H Ltd’s two-storey building would be behind that store and accessed from Parry Cres and Bodkin St.

Another commercial precinct on an adjacent vacant lot received non-notified resource consent in December.

That proposal is being developed by Matt Laming and includes a supermarket, visitor accommodation, retail spaces and a cinema.

Mr Laming told The News on Tuesday he had progressed his own designs “a long way” and had been ready to go.

But he slowed up once he saw the Project H design.

In his opinion, the Project H proposal was “an ugly barn” and did not make the best use of the site. Mr Laming said he would now be taking time to reassess his own proposal.