Sentenced over violent attacks


An Alexandra man responsible for two violent attacks in the space of two months has been told by a judge he needs help for his serious problem with alcohol.

Antony William Partridge (51), sign writer, was sentenced by Judge Dominic Flatley in the Alexandra District Court on April 7 on five charges stemming from the incidents.

In the first, about 3.30pm on December 4, Partridge was drinking with a friend at Alexandra’s Pioneer Park when he began yelling obscene and racist remarks at a group of five or six teenagers nearby.

He also exposed his buttocks to the group.

The 19-year-old victim approached the defendant and asked him to stop harassing his friends.

The defendant stood up and punched the victim in the head, then pursued him a short distance before the victim fell over.

The defendant, who was wearing steel cap boots, kicked the victim twice in both knees before the latter was able to regain his feet.

When the victim said he was going to call the police, the defendant told him he would kill him, his friends and the police.

Police found a craft knife in his pocket when they arrested him.

Partridge later admitted charges of offensive behaviour, assault with intent to injure, speaking threateningly and possession of a knife in relation to the incident.

In the second incident, on February 4, the defendant was at the home of his partner, with whom he had been in an open relationship for about three years.

By 10pm he had been drinking all day and was highly intoxicated.

The couple began arguing after he turned up the stereo, and when she pulled the power cord out of the wall, he grabbed her and threw her to the floor.

He then held her by the wrists and dragged her outside, proceeding to drag her for about 30 metres along concrete, rock and shingle paths before dumping her by her front gate.

She required treatment by ambulance staff for cuts, scrapes and bruises.

Partridge admitted a charge of assault with intent to injure in relation to the attack.

Counsel Bridget Liggins said the defendant struggled with alcohol addiction, but had no previous history of violence.

He was remorseful, “embarrassed” by his behaviour, and had made early guilty pleas.

Judge Flatley told the defendant “clearly you have a major alcohol problem”.

Partridge was convicted and sentenced to five months’ community detention, 200 hours’ community work and 12 months’ intensive supervision, with judicial monitoring, to enable intervention for his addiction issues.

Judge Flatley imposed a protection order for the victim of the February offending, and made an order for destruction of the knife.