Concept designs for the Cromwell Hall project will be presented to the Cromwell Community Board at its September 12 meeting.

The Central Otago District Council contractor Jasmax has already presented the proposed designs to the project advisory group and key stakeholders. The plans are not yet available to media or the public.

Council property and facilities manager Garreth Robinson said it was a significant step to move to the concept design stage and show key people what progress had been made.

‘‘It is important to take this group, who are going to be very instrumental in this development, on the journey and let them know how their input and feedback has been taken on board and worked into the concept,’’ he said.

The project team’s review of designs and funding options will also be presented.

Community board chairwoman Anna Harrison said she was happy to have reached the milestone.

‘‘People are naturally wanting to know about this project — it is a significant development to be happening in their community, so I’m happy we’re in a position to provide an update in the coming weeks.’’

Mr Robinson said asbestos had been removed from the hall and it was being prepared for demolition.

The hall would be assessed to see what assets could be salvaged and reused, he said.

A board meeting that was scheduled for tomorrow to consider a grant application in relation to the project has been cancelled because hall issues are on the agenda for the September 12 meeting.