Council planning staff have recommended CPD 2012 Ltd and Countdown’s consent application to build a supermarket in Alexandra be declined.

The application is to be heard by an independent Resource Management Act commissioner on November 23 and 24.

The report by Central Otago District Council’s senior planning officer Oli Monthule-McIntosh, which was completed on October 22, included reports about noise levels, traffic flow issues and the economic impact. “I have come to the view that the proposal will result in adverse effects on the environment

that are more than minor.

“.. on balance the overall environmental effects of the proposal remain negative.

“I therefore recommend that the commissioner decline the application for land use consent.”

CPD 2012 Ltd and Countdown (part of the Woolworths Group) made the application in May this year.

The proposed 3000sq m supermarket would be between Centennial Ave and Ventry St and be open from 7am to 11pm seven days a week.

It would include loading docks, heavy vehicle deliveries, commercial lighting and signage.

There would be a further 40 to 60 jobs created.

The report suggested the new supermarket would potentially move retail activity away from the existing business centres and also covered concerns about noise levels, traffic flows and signage glare.

The report suggested reducing the hours of operation to 8am to 8pm, making changes to Matau St, using the Centennial Ave frontage for service vehicle access, rather than Ventry St, changes be made to signage, and most deliveries to be done during operational hours to help mitigate the issues.

A Countdown spokesman said they were looking forward to reading the report and reviewing the issues identified.

“We’ll continue to work through the application with the local developer CPD 2012 Ltd and the council on the resource consent application.”

CODC planning manager David Campbell said the recommendations in the planning report had been made with due consideration of all the information provided with the application, the submissions, and further information provided by the applicant subsequent to lodging the application.

“The planning report does recommend that further information should be provided on a range of issues.

“If the application is declined then the applicant can appeal the decision to the Environment Court.”jordan SneakersGifts for Runners