Ranfurly’s art-deco-style former hospital looks set to meet the wrecking ball.

A resource consent application has been lodged with the Central Otago District Council to demolish the category2 heritage-listed Maniototo Hospital on Tyrone St, Ranfurly.

Maniototo Community Board chairman Robert Hazlett said even though he was born there, he believed it was time for the hospital to go.

Investigations to upgrade the hospital in the past had proven to be uneconomic when compared with replacing it and any subsequent plans for a future use of the building had also proved too costly, he said.

The building was constructed in 1930 and was used as a hospital until a new hospital building was constructed in 2020 adjacent to the south of the site.

According to the consent application, the hospital was designed by Dunedin architect Henry McDowell Smith in 1929 with an inter-war stripped classical style and was an example of a rural 20th-century hospital building.

The site subject to the application was within the residential resource area of Ranfurly and was a scheduled activity identified as “Maniototo Hospital (Medical Centre)” in the Central Otago district plan.

The removal or demolition of an item that has a NZ Historic Places Trust (now Heritage New Zealand) classification of category 2 was a discretionary activity under the same plan.

The application includes an assessment of environmental effects.