Who you gonna call? Well, noone in Alexandra unless you have memorised their phone number.

Once upon a time, the phone book was big enough to substitute for a high chair or use as a door stop. It has shrunk considerably in recent years, but the latest Southern Lakes edition is the briefest ever.

The 2023-24 book is missing 17 pages. It jumps from page 48 directly to page 65. Advertising in the Yellow Pages ends with television, video and stereo listings, and the next page is listings for surnames beginning with C in Cromwell.

Companies listed after television, video and stereo, along with all of Alexandra’s phone numbers and the A and B surnames of Cromwell, are missing.

Alexandra residents raised problems with the newly delivered book on social media last week. — The first person to do so asked if their book was the only one missing a chunk.

Yellow Pages head of content Sally Knox said it had only recently been made aware of the issue impacting some books in the delivery area.

‘‘We are looking into the matter and will be pausing further distribution until this can be rectified for our Southern Lakes community and customers,’’ she said.

The omission comes on the heels of a photograph on the cover of Dunedin’s phone book of Sandfly Bay Lagoon in the Abel Tasman National Park — 787km, or about a 10-hour drive, from Dunedin’s Sandfly Bay.