Earthquake strengthening and stage upgrades for the Alexandra Community Centre are some of the $3.21 million worth of proposed projects the Central Otago District Council has confirmed it will include in its application for Three Waters funding.

If approved, ratepayers will not incur the burden of those project costs.

At last week’s council meeting a list of projects was considered to go into tranche one of Better Off funding, available from October 1 as part of the Three Waters reform programme.

The first funding would become available once the Department of Internal Affairs approved the submitted programme.

That is expected to be this month or next.

Projects approved for the funding application and given priority include iwi/Maori engagement to meet tranche two requirements ($50,000), progressing of the records digitisation of rateable property files plus online access ($251,500), Cromwell Pool sand filter and therapeutic pool liner ($400,000), Alexandra Pool 25m pool and learn-to-swim pool liners ($220,000), Alexandra Community Centre earthquake strengthening and stage upgrades ($584,500), Clyde hall kitchen and accessible bathroom, fire system upgrade and double glazing ($182,500), councilowned buildings seismic assessments and compliance reports ($320,000), Roxburgh Pool fencing project ($108,000), Cromwell Bike Park toilets project ($235,000) and the Alexandra Library renovation project ($611,500).

These were expected to be delivered in the next 18 months.

The projects had either been included in the 2021 longterm plan (LTP), increased in scope for which additional funding was needed, were accelerated projects in later years of the LTP or required to address issues that would otherwise require ratepayer funding.

The council also approved a list of contingency projects, in case of delays in delivering the initial list of projects or costs coming in below estimates.