Central Otago painter Rachel Hirabayashi and ceramicist Lynne Wilson both tend to create in series of works, exploring and refining their themes through the sequence.

As each artist prepared for their next exhibition titled ‘‘Silhouette’’, that opens at Eade Gallery in Clyde on December 30, one looked to her many works in progress as the other revisited and expanded on an earlier series.

Hirabayashi said she had paintings that were nearly finished but kept being overlooked because they were the odd ones out.

‘‘I had a group of paintings that didn’t really fit in a series and another artist friend came up with the brainwave of merging them together like a series,’’ she said.

Wilson said she had returned to one of her earlier series and was also exploring different 3D works in an installation piece.

The show’s title referred to the outline of things seen against dark sooty surfaces.

‘‘In Rachel’s case, it’s the silhouette of the outline of a tree mainly,’’ Wilson said.

‘‘With me, it can be the outline of a land form in front of me. I consider them waka, but they are landforms drifting through the lakes.

‘‘It’s all about that movement of land and the effect over millennia that water has on land.’’

Wilson said some of her new pieces were very different from what people who knew her work might associate with her.

‘‘This show allowed us both to find ideas that developed so that they had their own day.’’