Central to the Alexandra Blossom Festival are the volunteers who give their time, energy, and talents to make it all happen.

Blossom Festival event manager Martin McPherson said volunteers were an integral part of the event and a huge part of why the festival was the longest running in New Zealand.

This National Volunteer Week festival organisers wanted to thank and honour those who volunteered with the festival and their contribution to make it a success.

From serving on the committee throughout the year, organising the Senior Queen and festival princesses, to building the floats and florreys, working behind the scenes, manning the gates and ticketing, performing and photographing the festival all played an important part.

That included the clubs and organisations that helped out throughout.

“We have so many wonderful people committed to making this event a success and it really highlights that sense of community that makes the Alexandra Blossom Festival so special,” Mr McPherson said.

“We celebrate the 65th festival in September and so many volunteers have played a part in the longevity of the festival in that time.

“This National Volunteer Week we wish to make a special acknowledgement of our volunteers and their dedication