Mau raakau, or the art of Maori weaponry, came to Cromwell in the form of a community workshop on Saturday.

Organised through Te Whare Tuu Taua o Taahuna, the workshop focused on introducing people to the sport.

Facilitator Cory Ratahi said on the face of it mau raakau looked to be something where you hit people with sticks, but that was one “very small” part of the art form.

“It encompasses other aspects of Te Ao Maori, or the Maori world.”

“You get to learn how Atua Maori, or the gods in the Maori world, underpin everything we do.

“We include lots of language elements to what we do, including lots of tikanga tikanga is the correct processes on how we operate so you are able to learn more than just a fighting art but all of the other aspects of the Maori world,” he said.