Planned survey of young people


The voices of youth will be heard as part of a new survey planned by the Queenstown Lakes District Council

Covid-19 community recovery co-ordinator Tara McGivern said the council was looking at ways of running a youth version of its annual Quality of Life Survey.

At present the survey is open to members of the community 18 years and over.

The survey had been run for three years and had given the council a good picture of what life looked like in the region.

The aim was to run a youth version to provide data on young people from ages 12 to 24, she said.

‘‘Obviously we are very aware of survey fatigue and we want to make it really valuable.’’

The council was reaching out to schools, groups and individuals who worked with youth to establish what were the right questions to ask.

‘‘What do you want to know and what do you want to get help with.’’

The council was working with Versus Research, which conducts the Quality of Life Survey.

That would ensure the survey was appropriate, and it would go through an ethics review, she said.

The aim was to ensure a wide range of young people from across the community took part in the survey.

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