There is a week left to give feedback on the Vincent Community Board’s proposed development plan for the Half Mile Recreation Reserve, in Alexandra.

For the past few weeks, the Central Otago District Council has been seeking feedback on the proposal for the reserve at the SH8 entrance to the town.

As of Monday, the council had received 70 submissions.

A number of conifer trees growing on the reserve are recognised as pest species.

The Half Mile Recreation Reserve had been identified by the Central Otago Wilding Conifer Control Group as a significant ‘‘seed take off’’ site, which is why it is proposed to fell the trees.

The council has received funding from the Central Otago Wilding Conifer Control Programme and has budgeted funds for the removal.

The Alexandra Half Mile Recreation Reserve Development Plan proposes to fell these trees and return the reserve to an authentic Central Otago landscape that showcases the views, rocky tors and archaeological features at the site; provides open spaces and informal walking routes; and includes hardy native plantings for shelter, and plant and animal biodiversity.

More details can be found here: