The Cromwell College breakfast programme had a new addition at the breakfast table last week, when it was joined by Central Otago Mayor Tim Cadogan.

Mr Cadogan took part in the programme as part of National Volunteer Week.

The session was organised by Volunteer South as part of their Shine a Light on Volunteering campaign, which connected community leaders to volunteer organisations.

It was hoped this would inspire others to put their hands up to help in their communities.

Mr Cadogan said events like these were a great way for him to connect to people.

‘‘It helps me find out what’s happening in the community,’’ he said.

He thought the Cromwell Youth Trust was a ‘‘fantastic organisation’’ doing great work in the area.

Cromwell Youth Trust manager Geoff Owen said the breakfast programme was about looking after youth in the area.

‘‘It’s about looking after youth mental health,’’ Mr Owen said.

Giving pupils a healthy breakfast put them in a better position to learn throughout the school day, he said.

‘‘It helps these kids set themselves up for the day.’’

It was also a space for the pupils to connect with each other and with staff from the youth trust.

On Wednesday, about 40 pupils used the breakfast programme to get something to eat and catch-up with peers.

Youth mentor Zhenya Whittington said the number of pupils coming was increasing.

‘‘More kids are coming,’’ she said.

Some days they would see up to 60 pupils at the programme.

She said some pupils specifically came to school on days the breakfast programme was running.

‘‘They rely on it for a space to come and connect with their peers and with us.’’