Lectures feature prominent NZ women


Women’s voices will be heard loud and clear next week in Wanaka.
The Weaving House: Her Voice features about 25 high­ profile women from across the country, who will speak at a series of public lectures.
Chief executive Amy Pearl said The Weaving House was a not-for-profit organisation specialising in gender equality and human rights issues.
‘‘I learnt some years ago that if I look at everything through a gender lens that everything is a feminist issue.’’
This philosophy was reflected in the range of backgrounds of the speakers. There was experience in a wide range of fields: the environment, government, education, business, sport, health and science.
The goal was to ‘‘amplify women’s voices locally, nationally, internationally,’’ she said.
This was the second time the conference had been organised, the first having taken place in 2016.
For this year’s event, each woman speaker had been invited to bring ‘‘their most bravest, most essential ideas to get us where we need to be with haste’’.
‘‘I believe with every cell in my body that gender equality is integral and a precondition for peace, for the eradication of poverty, for equitable and sustainable development, and for the protection of our environment.’’
Speakers included the Prime Minister’s chief science adviser Prof Juliet Gerrard.
Prog Gerrard’s talk would explore ideas about public trust in science, scientists and institutions, and what the science community might need to do to build that trust.
‘‘I’m looking forward to connecting with the Weaving House community for the first time and always enjoy experiencing the beauty of Wanaka,’’ Prof Gerrard said.

Trust in science . . . Prime Minis­ter’s chief science adviser Prof Juliet Gerrard is looking forward to the beauty of Wanaka. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

Equal Employment Opportunities Commissioner Saunoamaali’i Dr Karanina Sumeo would speak about gender and ethnic pay gaps.
Pay transparency and economic justice for low-paid women in the private and public sector would also be addressed.
‘‘I am really looking forward to coming to Wanaka to speak at the Weaving House series of talks, and hear what the other amazing women speakers from around Aotearoa have to say in regard to women’s rights,’’ she said.

Women’s rights . . . Equal Employment Opportunities Com­missioner Saunoamaali’i Dr Karan­ina Sumeo will be speaking about gender and ethnic pay gaps. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

★ The Weaving House: Her Voice takes place on Friday and Saturday April 12and 13.
Each session includes a Q&A component, and the two-day event will close with an evening show featuring local performers, plus musical comedy duo The Fan Brigade.
For tickets and details visit www.theweavinghouse.nz

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