Lake Hawea residents took a cold plunge on Sunday for the good of the community, helping raise funds to keep their local community centre running smoothly.

Up to 30 people jumped off the jetty at the boat ramp near the Lake Hawea Dam, under the watchful eye of a safety team.

Most wore fancy dress outfits, adding colour and hilarity to the occasion.

They had a short swim to shore before being wrapped up in blankets and towels.

Most then warmed up with hot drinks and food but a few jumpers had a second or even a third go.

Polar plunge organiser Ann-Maree Chatterton is a member of the Lake Hawea Community Centre Association, a small group that promotes and runs community events.

She confirmed she was not a regular dipper.

‘‘It was really cold. I think the average temperature today was 8.6 degrees so it was pretty cold,’’ she said.

‘‘All the donations from today go towards the community centre and its general maintenance and to help promote the centre.

‘‘We have had a lot of new development in the community at the moment so we try not to lose that community feel,’’ she said.

Just chilling . . . Ann-Maree Chatterton and daughter Georgia (5) after the Lake Hawea polar plunge on Sunday July 31, 2022. PHOTO: MARJORIE COOK