Many hands make light work so when Burn Cottage Vineyard was short on workers for their pinot noir grape harvest, Cromwell Community Board member Bob Scott did not hesitate to jump in.

The region’s grapes were one of the many harvests impacted by lack of workers, with Mr Scott said he had some spare time on my hands, so was pleased to help.

“It was hard work and played havoc with the back, but it gave me an insight into just how hard the casual workers who normally fill these roles have to work for their money.”

The experience provided valuable insight into the industry, he said.

“It was also very interesting to get an idea of how the industry works, the difficulties they have in attracting workers for a relatively short contract and the problems they also have in finding local accommodation for workers from outside the region and from overseas.”

“A great experience and one I’d certainly like to repeat next year,” he said.