A new health and wellness centre has set up shop at the edge of Cromwell’s industrial precinct.

Osteopath Rebecca Brugman and pelvic physiotherapist Nicky Croft have joined forces to create One Body Wellness on Traders Lane.

The centre offers clinic rooms for client consultations as well as a studio for Pilates classes and rehab work.

A few months in, they have worked with the full spectrum of Cromwell locals

sore backs, new mums struggling after birthing, ski bunnies keen to be slope-fit, and rugby players with niggly injuries.

Osteopathy can be a bit of a mystery for some people, but Dr Brugman said it was a vital piece of the wellness puzzle.

“People tend to come to osteopaths when they’ve tried everyone else,” she said.

“They have the kind of chronic, complex problems that require lots of delving into how they injured themselves may be their lifestyle here, too and why it is continuing to cause them problems.”

The business was also filling a gap in female-focused care in the district.

It is the kind of topic not easily brought up over coffee at a new mothers’ group, but the practice was on a mission to get people comfortable talking about women’s health “down there”.

Both women are mums themselves, with five young children between them.

While there was plenty of support for mums-to-be during pregnancy, too often health issues post-birth are ignored or shrugged off as something to be expected.

Mrs Croft said it was important women made time to get help for niggling concerns or when something did not feel right down below.

“Women often don’t put themselves first. But, obviously, if you can’t take care of yourself you can’t take care of your family properly.

“The less it’s talked about, and the more it’s ignored, the bigger the issues get.”

The pair were both Pilates instructors too, using the Pilates equipment to enhance their clients’ rehabilitation and training.

“It means we’re able to provide hands-on treatment as well as exercises to get people moving and look at how they’re moving,” Mrs Croft said.