Tonight’s music-making workshop will see household items transformed into instruments ahead of a public performance at the Blossom Festival tomorrow night.

The workshop, Davey’s Backyard Skiffle Session, begins at 6pm today at the Alexandra Community House.

Workshop attendees will learn how to make and play homemade instruments, before being invited to perform in the Backyard Skiffle Band at the Mardi Gras tomorrow night .

Skiffle workshop facilitator Davey Thorpe said he believed every child had natural rhythm and musical ability.

“They are often completely unaware of this,” he said.

Mr Thorpe has run skiffle instrument workshops throughout schools across the South Island.

His backyard skiffle shows have have been run successfully at several public festivals including the Mackenzie Country A&P show, the Oamaru Heritage Festival and the Christchurch Buskers Festival.

Skiffle is a genre of folk music with influences from American folk, blues, country, bluegrass and jazz performed on homemade and improvised instruments.

Those interested in taking part in tonight’s workshop need to bring household items. Examples can be found on the Backyard Music website.