The subject matter of the latest production by the Clyde Theatre Group may seem a little dark, as one main character slips into dementia, but director Joy Ramsay says the play has plenty of laughs to offer.

Performances of Drifting start tomorrow night at the Clyde Memorial Hall and run through until Thursday.

Ms Ramsay said she first read the play by Australian playwright Joe Denver last year ‘‘and just thought it was a nice wee piece’’.

‘‘It’s the nice humour of family,’’ she said.

‘‘People will recognise things.

‘‘It’s not just the woman with dementia, there’s a new baby and a new boyfriend on the scene so the family dynamics are changing.’’

Auditions were held late last year and rehearsals started at the end of February so the cast could ‘‘hit the ground running’’.

All cast members lived in Clyde, Alexandra or Cromwell and some had performed with multiple performing arts groups in the area, she said.

Unlike visual artists, performers did not tend to move to Central Otago specifically for their craft.

‘‘I think the other arts draw people here, whereas we go from the inside out and draw from the community.’’