Budding thespians are treading the boards in Clyde over the next two weeks as they prepare to premiere an original play in the town.

Playwright Karin Halliday said 13 children aged 8 to 12 (“about to turn 13”, The News was told more than once) are rehearsing her play Thorapan, featuring Peter Pan and the Lost Girls, Captain Hook, a rocket ship and other surprise plot twists.

Auditions were advertised and the cast was a mix of some with experience on stage and others who would face a live audience for the first time, she said.

“It’s always good to write short plays and let the kids get up there and have a go.”

Learning their lines . . . Taking part in rehearsal are (from left) Addison Mulholland (9), Cameron Reid (10), Scarlett Barnes (12), Abigail Hardin (8), Charlotte O’Kane (12) and Paige O’Kane (8).

Director Pat Lines said she had directed children in shows for the past 15 years and the confidence they gained from the experience was “extraordinary”.

“You get so much satisfaction from seeing them learn so much and develop confidence,” she said.

Two performances are scheduled each day on February 25 and 26 at Clyde Memorial Hall, with tickets available by contacting Miss Halliday and on sale at the door.