Soon-to-be installed public toilets are the ‘‘cherry on top’’ of the Cromwell Bike Park, and bike park users are being asked to add their own personal touch to the facilities by contributing photographs that will decorate the toilet block.

Cromwell Bike Park secretary Megan Ireland said it was a great chance for people to show what the bike park means to them.

‘‘It’s just great that the community is given the chance to showcase [and] provide images,’’ she said.

She said it had been a long process to secure toilets for the park but was ‘‘stoked’’ the council had gone ahead with the facilities.

‘‘Parents were having to bundle kids up and and take them away for toilets.’’

Many of them would not return to the bike park, she said.

CODC Property Officer Tara Bates said a toilet at the bike park was something the community had wanted for a long time.

‘‘We’re asking the community if they would like to be part of the design by contributing photos,’’ she said.

‘‘Balance bikes, scooters, bikes, BMX competitions and other Cromwell Bike Park related stuff would be ideal.’’

A vinyl wrap will be applied to the toilet walls with the photo image design.

The project had a budget of $235,000 and was funded by a Government Better Off Funding grant.

A council spokeswoman said the toilets were being made at the Exeloo factory in Auckland.

Services and foundations for the toilets will be installed by early November and the toilets are scheduled to be delivered later that month.

The final design will be unveiled when the toilets are opened, expected to be in December.

Photos should be submitted to property.admin@codc., by October 9, 2023.