Cromwell diners were treated to Mexican with a difference last week when youth took over Amigos restaurant.

Youth Take Over Amigos nights are an initiative between the Cromwell Youth Trust and Amigos which allows young people to gain hands-on experience in a live hospitality environment.

The initiative has been running twice a year for the past couple of years.

Cromwell Youth Trust (CYT) lead youth worker Rhys Smith said providing genuine experiences for young people gave them a glimpse of what they could expect as they grew into young adults and began their next chapter in life.

“Our youth experience a genuine, real-life experience.”

Nothing during these events is manufactured to replicate an experience.”

Our youth serve genuine customers who come to dine for the evening with friends, family, co-workers etc,” he said.

“This enables them to have a positive experience, supported by Cromwell Youth Trust youth workers and Amigos staff, and gain insights and guidance without feeling overwhelmed.”

This develops self-esteem, confidence and learning.

The positive impact of events such as Youth Take Over Amigos were important for a young person’s wellbeing and development, Mr Smith said.

“Youth Take Over Amigos has two separate impacts, one positively impacts our youth with the development of hands-on learning opportunities that will benefit them in their personal wellbeing, as well as their experience working in a real restaurant that enables them to develop important skills.”

Youthful skill Jack Stanley prepares to serve food to guests at Amigos as part of a youth takeover.PHOTOS: SHANNON THOMSON

Here it is Dainial Robinson in action at Amigos last week. PHOTOS: SHANNON THOMSON