Blueprints for the future development of the Vincent Ward have been released.

The Central Otago District Council (CODC) adopted the final Vincent Spatial Plan and the Alexandra Airport Masterplan on January 26, with the documents now available for the public to view both online and in print.

The Vincent Spatial Plan depicts how towns in the Vincent ward could look like for the next 30 years, showing what and how infrastructure, housing and productive land use could fit together.

It provides guidance tothe private and public sector, including direction for infrastructure in
vestment and Council’s future planning.

Development of the Vincent Spatial Plan took a collaborative approach merging aspirations of the community with technical planning expertise.

Vincent Ward councillor and Vincent Community Board chairman Martin McPherson said after two years of community feedback and engagement he celebratedthe plan’s publication.

“We’ve had fabulous levels of engagement from our community,” he said.

“I want to say a big thank you to everyone who took the time to get involved and help us produce a document that creates an important foundation for our future.”

The Alexandra Airport Masterplan was prompted by continued demand for hangar sites at the Alexandra Airport, with about 30 people on a waiting list.

It was developed as one of the work streams of the Vincent Spatial Plan and would inform decisions on the development of the airport over the next 20-plus years providing direction for future types of activity on the aerodrome and appropriate locations for development.

The airport masterplan would sit alongside the Vincent Spatial Plan, and inform the District Plan on the development objectives and planning protections required by the Airport.

Staff from the CODC property, planning, and economic development teams, along with key stakeholders including the airport operator Central Otago Flying Club and the Airport Reference Group prepared the plan.

The Airport Reference Group is an advisory group comprised of people with strong connections to the airport by virtue of their role with council, aviation businesses or clubs based there, commercial airline users and local business representatives.

It was formed by CODC in 2015.

CODC approval of the Masterplan means a new hanger site precinct _budgeted for in year two of the long-term plan 2021-203 _ can proceed.

The new precinct will accommodate 20 to 30 hangar sites with residential annexe.

The Vincent SpatialPlan and the Alexandra Airport Masterplan areavailable on the CODC website with hard copiesavailable at council service centres and libraries.