Stormwater overflowing from a subdivision into Wanaka’s Bullock Creek last week could not have come at a worse time for any trout breeding, the Otago Fish and Game Council says.

Water was seen pouring from the Alpha Series stormwater pond on to the Bullock Creek wetlands and into the creek following heavy rain.

Otago Fish and Game Council chief executive Ian Hadland said it was disappointing to have stormwater flowing into the spring-fed creek, which was a trout spawning site at the peak of their breeding season, but it was not unexpected to see the system fail.

“It has been previously proven to be inadequate for the task.”

Stormwater and sediment from the neighbouring Alpha Series subdivision has regularly overflowed into Bullock Creek following rain since 2016.

Friends of Bullock Creek deputy chairman Sam Smoothy said it was a shame to see the Bullock Creek wetland and creek polluted and that came from overflow from the inadequate stormwater systems at the Alpha Series development.

Wet underfoot . . . Overflowed stormwater from the Alpha Series subdivision on the Bullock Creek wetlands.

“QLDC has promised much in the way of solutions and not delivered very much so far.”

Queenstown Lakes District Council spokesman Jack Barlow said an automatic pump would be installed in the coming weeks to help avoid future overflows.

Mr Hadland welcomed the news.

“We have encouraged the Queenstown Lakes District Council to resolve the stormwater issues at Bullock Creek and are aware they are some way through the design process for a solution.”

The Otago Fish and Game Council was continuing to work with the QLDC towards a settlement on an easement agreement to allow a stormwater overflow pipe to cross its wetland area and former hatchery land at Wanaka, he said.