Second-hand shopping is a growing trend that many people are turning to this Christmas.

Advocates say they get value for money, but they also get the satisfaction of knowing they are keeping perfectly good items out of landfill.

Often shoppers will find things that were made to last and are still going strong, such as Kiwi-made kitchenware, or a trusty gardening tool.

Central Otago’s holiday towns are great repositories of vintage and retro items, many of which end up in one of the region’s bustling second-hand stores.

Taking a day to explore the stores is a great way to see some of the smaller corners of the district.

Many second-hand shops are run as not-for-profit, with the proceeds going to a worthy causes such as the Hospice, SPCA or Salvation Army.

Wastebusters employs 61 staff with a community enterprise model, and runs two zero waste hubs with reuse shops in Alexandra and Wanaka.

Wastebusters is packed with donated items, which need new homes; from clothing and books to sports gear, tools and retro items. The surplus made by Wastebusters reuse shops is used to help their communities keep more items out of the landfill and be more resourceful through initiatives such as bespoke recycling services, repair workshops, Enviroschools education, up-cycling, advocacy, waste audits and more.