An Alexandra resident has started a social media group to ease sharing of items that are not always in use or may only be needed very infrequently.

Hannah Dwyer said she and her family were trying to minimise the amount of “stuff” they accumulated, a lot of which was never used as much as anticipated.

For instance, her family owns a “really terrible” weedeater and have talked for some time about purchasing a new model.

“But it was that thought that we would probably only use it once a year,” she said.

It often felt awkward to ask friends or neighbours to borrow gear so, after researching she was not replicating something already available, she started the Share Gear group at the end of March.

Interest has been high, with more than 80 members as of Tuesday morning, and potential borrowers have already been matched with what they need.

People can also share skills in addition to physical items, with one member asking for computer help this week.

Wendy Rameka was an early member of the group and experienced a rapid response to her need this week.

Her family has a very small lawn and do not own a lawnmower, not seeing the purpose in doing so “and we want to support someone in the community with their mahi”.

The person who regularly mows the lawn is currently isolating because of Covid-19 so Mrs Rameka put a call out to borrow a lawnmower, and got a response and offer about 15 minutes later.

She said she has bicycles, puzzles and games she is happy to share through the group, which she thought was a really great idea.